Discovering Any Hidden Problems With a Home

General home inspection services in Mt Holly/Belmont, Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas

Are you about to buy a home in Mecklenburg or Gaston County? Do you need to sell your home? Whether you’re buying or selling, check to see if the home is in good condition. Otherwise, you could be spending time and money on big problems down the road.

Find any problem areas right from the start

Find any problem areas right from the start

CSH Inspections Inc. offers home inspection services in Mt Holly/Belmont, NC and the surrounding Charlotte metro area. We also serve Rock Hill and Fort Mill in South Carolina. Our inspector has over 30 years in construction and masonry, and he relies on this experience to aid in his home inspection services.

Our inspector will conduct a full structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical inspection for your peace of mind. This includes:

  • Evaluating the home’s exterior (siding, roof, etc.)
  • Checking the floor system and preparing an insect report
  • Evaluating plumbing, including pipes, appliances and fixtures
  • Checking the attic, basement and crawlspaces for leaks

You can opt in for a mold, radon or termite inspection as well. Reach out to CSH Inspections today and partner with an experienced inspector for your home’s visual examination.