Don't Let Destructive Insects Make a Meal of Your Investment

Termite inspection services in the Denver, Belmont and Charlotte, North Carolina area

Termites can eat through the foundation of a home and cause serious damage. Termite damage is extremely difficult to repair, and thus very expensive. Avoid paying for structural repairs down the road - call CSH Inspections Inc. to find out if your home has a termite problem.

Get rid of the termites that are threatening your home

Get rid of the termites that are threatening your home

The inspector at CSH Inspections is certified to complete termite inspections in North and South Carolina and is registered through APEX Exterminating. You'll have a trustworthy and dedicated professional inspector on your side to identify any signs of termite infestation. Our inspector will check for:

  • Termite wings and other signs of colonization
  • Mud tubes near pipes and along the foundation
  • Wood damage and bits of mud inside of wood

If there are signs of a termite infestation, CSH Inspections will direct you to a reliable termite control company. Contact us today and find out if your home is serving as fast food for termites.